Bring your Sofa Back to Life with Professional Upholstery Cleaning Bristol

When you come home from a busy day at work one of the first things you will want to do is take off your shoes and sit and relax and unwind. Your three piece suite is a haven for comfort, and you will love to sink back into the comfy chairs; that is unless your sofa has seen better days and is covered in spills and stains. To bring your three piece suite back to life you need to call in your professional upholstery cleaning Bristol team; with the power to lift even the toughest of grime they can transform your lounge or sitting room into a place where you will love to relax and unwind.

If you take a moment to stand back and look at your sofa and armchairs, you will notice that the arms, the headrests, and the front section of each cushion will be more dirty than the rest; this is because dirt and grime are transferred from your head, hands, and from little feet belonging to the smallest members of your family. Trying to keep your upholstery clean can be an ongoing battle, and one that is made far worse when you have kids and pets that are constantly jumping on and off your three piece suite.

One way you may think of tackling the grime scene that you find in your front room is by purchasing some throw overs for your sofa and chairs; this however will just mask the dirt and in time they will become old and tired and really bring down the tone of your room. Your professional upholstery cleaning Bristol team however can bring even the dirtiest of three piece suites back to life, lifting out the grime and getting rid of stains that you thought were there for life.

professional upholstery cleaning

Trying to clean your own sofa is not something that you should try and tackle unless you have the necessary equipment and tools to ensure a deep cleanse that will not ruin the material of your furniture. Simply getting your three piece suite wet with a cloth and detergent will not tackle the tough and ground-in dirt; in fact you will often just make the whole situation worse by rubbing the dirt in further and introducing even more bacteria and grime as the material takes many hours if not days to dry out thoroughly.

When you rely on your professional upholstery cleaning Bristol team for the job, they will use a powerful steam or dry cleaning method that will not just lift away dirt and stains, but that will really tackle the ground in dirt that is not visible to even the most trained of eyes. With a system that is ten times more powerful than a standard home wet and dry vacuum cleaner, they can transform even the most tired of sofa, getting rid of any thoughts of buying covers for your sofas or even replacing your three piece suite. Contact your professional cleaning team in Bristol today to ensure that your three piece suite is cleaned to perfection, and that it really provides a place where you can relax in comfort at the end of a long working day.