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Sofa Before Cleaning


Sofa After Cleaning

How We Do It

Firstly, you and our technician will evaluate your furniture’s needs. It is very important to bear in mind that every item must be treated differently. We will then decide what will be the best approach and why that is so. Our service of upholstery cleaning Bristol is very methodical to ensure that your furniture gets exactly the right treatment.

Each upholstery manufacturer recommends a specialised cleaning method, which of course, our upholstery cleaning Bristol service will take this into account.

By jointly making the decision of the best method of cleaning your piece of furniture you will know up front what we can and can’t do, which will leave out any surprises later on. Below are a few things to be bear in mind with regards to furniture fabrics:

Furniture comes in various types of fabrics. It is important that we determine what type of fabric your furniture is made of as this gives us the ability to clean it properly.

Even if you don’t choose our professional upholstery cleaning Bristol service, please make sure that the company who is giving you the quote takes this into consideration, because if they don’t and they use the wrong cleaning agents they will ruin the fibres and possibly the entire piece of furniture.

Sofa cushion cleaning

Value For Money

There are many cut price cleaners offering sofa cleaning in Bristol, but real value for money comes from using a professional sofa cleaning Bristol based company. Here is a couple of before and after pictures of a very dirty sofa arm we cleaned, it’s an extreme case and shows you just what is possible with experience, knowledge, the right equipment and cleaning agents. So look for the cheapest price in town if that is what you want, but don’t expect to be delighted with the results.

Superior Cleaning

CFR ToolWe use the CFR™ Upholstery tool, this is regarded in the industry as the best on the market, the CFR’s patented design means upholstery can be cleaned at much higher pressure therefore fabric is cleaned better and more thoroughly than any other upholstery tool. Following the cleaning process we then use the Turbo Dry™ system to get the upholstery dry or nearly dry before we leave.

CFR DemoCFR™ High-Energy solution application atomises high velocity solution to power-wash each individual fibre. Instantaneous solution recovery integrates solution application and retrieval into a single, uninterrupted process, providing the best upholstery cleaning and the fastest drying time in the industry.