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We clean Sofas, Upholstery, Armchairs, Dining chairs and all types of soft furnishings in the Bath and Somerset area.

Upholstery cleaning Bath


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How It Works…

First we need to view your upholstery to ascertain what the material is. Unlike clothing that has a label telling you the type of material, upholstery does not. However, an experienced upholstery cleaning technician can tell by the look and feel of the fabric, also there are tests we can use to determine this. From there we can decide the best treatment method and provide you with a quotation. The vast majority of upholstery fabrics are wet cleanable, despite the labels stating ‘dry clean only’ this is just to give the manufacturers legal protection.

Soft furnishings are typically a very expensive investment, that being said I think its important to choose a upholstery cleaning company that is capable of carrying out the work safely and to a high standard. There are lots of cheaper cleaning options out there here at clean pros we believe that you can’t put a price on high standards. If you make an expensive investment in your furniture then it is wise to have it properly maintained over the years. This will prolong its lifespan allowing you to enjoy it for years to come.

There are many different methods of cleaning upholstery, and which method is best will depend on the material, condition and type of upholstery to be cleaned, which method is used will be decided by the technician upon inspection.

Upholstery Cleaning

Clean Pros offer 3 different methods of upholstery cleaning.
This ensures that whatever type of fabric you have we are able to clean them all safely and effectively.


The upholstery is thoroughly vacuumed using a commercial grade vacuum cleaner, it is the pre sprayed with a suitable product for the soil condition and fabric. After this we then agitate the product in using either a mechanical agitation or a hand held brush. This process loosens the soil and evenly distributes the pre spray. After a short dwell period it is ready to be rinsed out. For this stage we use our truckmounted machine fitted with a state of the art ‘CFR’ upholstery handtool. We want to achieve the fastest  dry time possible with upholstery and this handtool ensures that it will be properly rinsed but not left ‘soaking’ wet. If deemed necessary we will use turbo driers at the end to speedup the drying process although this isn’t often needed.


This method is a low moisture method and is great for maintenance cleans, lightly soiled upholstery or commercial office chairs and furniture. First of all an encapsulation foam is applied to the fabric either by spray or sponge, we then massage this in using mechanical agitation . The soil is encapsulated by the foam, the upholstery is then towelled off and left to dry.


Some expensive upholstery such as viscose or cotton velvets need special attention. These fabrics are not suitable for wet cleaning so a different approach is needed. Solvent dry cleaning can be used in these situations because we don’t need to use water to clean the fabric

A light mist of solvent is sprayed over the fabric and brushed or towelled in following carefully the fabrics pile. The area will need to be well ventilated throughout  the clean and for a good few hours afterward. The fabric will dry very quickly but the solvent does still take time to evaporate.

All of our work is carried out to the highest of standards, all techs are trained to British Standards PAS86, We are members of  IICRC. With over 15 years of experience in the industry we feel that your upholstery is in safe hands when you choose clean pros.

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