Industrial Floor Cleaning Machines; Why Call in the Pros

Industrial floor cleaning machines are used in offices, the workplace, and in the home to clean all kinds of floors ranging from stone to hardwood and marble. When you home or commercial premise has a hard floor as opposed to carpets and rugs, keeping it clean and free from stains can actually be a harder task than you first imagine. Standard vacuum cleaners are not kind to stone or tiled floors, and stains such as oil and ink can be hard to remove.

All types of floors need cleaning on a regular basis, the frequency with which you clean them depending largely on the amount of foot traffic they have to handle on a daily basis. Hardwood and tiled floors can be brushed and mopped to keep the surface dirt at bay, but once in a while they will need a deep clean that cannot be provided by any standard home vacuum cleaner.

industrial floor cleaning machines

When you have a large marble, stone, or tiled floor to clean, you will have the option of renting a floor cleaning machine for the job. Renting a machine may seem an economical solution at the outset, but there are a few points that you should remember. The type of machine you need to rent will depend on the floor you are tackling, and simply opting for what seems the most powerful machine can cause more harm than good when cleaning surfaces materials such as marble.

Industrial floor cleaning machines that you rent may have been used incorrectly by people who have rented them in the past, and even when you are lucky enough to come across a decent model in decent condition you still run the risk of damaging your floor. Unless you know exactly what you are doing, if you need to pre-treat your floor, and exactly what if any detergents you should be using, renting a floor cleaning machine can quickly turn into a nightmare.

Industrial Floor Cleaning Machines; Why Rely on the Experts

Industrial cleaning machines are bulky, hard to move around, and when you choose to rent one you will often be physically exhausted before you start just from manoeuvring the machine in and out of the boot of your car. When you rely on your local team of floor cleaning experts in Bristol for the job, there will be no lifting and carrying involved, and they will use their own power and electric for the job and not yours.

What this means is that although you may be lucky and be successful in your DIY cleaning attempt, you will save very little money and certainly will not save any time. Your professional Gloucester cleaning team know exactly how to clean each type of floor, what machinery to use, and all the do’s and don’ts of industrial floor cleaning.

Your professional floor cleaning team have years of experience in dealing with even the dirtiest of floors, restoring old tiles to their former glory, and even getting rid of scratches on tiles and floors that look unsightly. With the power and the knowledge they will deliver the very best floor cleaning results in a fraction of the time you could hope to spend if you were thinking of tackling the job yourself; visit to find out more.

A floor that has been professionally cleaned will look as good as the day it was new, and deep stains such as those from grease and oil in kitchens can be removed successfully from virtually any type of floor. With so many different options for flooring being available, there are tips and techniques for each and every floor type that only the professionals really know. From delicate marble surfaces, to period tiles with ground in dirt, your local cleaning pros know just how to cut back the grime and leave your floors free from scratches and stains.

As the owner of a home, office, or other premise with tiled, stone, marble, or hardwood floors, you will be aware of the routine cleaning that is necessary to keep your floors looking clean on a daily basis. Brushing and mopping your floors every day can keep the majority of the grime at bay and keep your home or premise looking clean and bright. For deep cleansing and restoring of old and worn floors and tiles however, rely on the professionals who will use industrial floor cleaning machines far more powerful and effective than anything you could hope to buy or rent from a local store. Clean floors are a must for your home, office, or commercial premise; so call in your local Bristol and Gloucester experts today to discuss a deep cleanse of your hardwood, stone, or marble floors.