How to Choose the Best Carpet Cleaning Company in Bath

How to Choose the Best Carpet Cleaning Company in Bath

With so many carpet cleaning services in one area, it’s common to wonder whether they are all alike. Many people hire the company closest to them, but that may not work in your favour. It’s important to choose the best service for carpet cleaning Bath. Here are five tips you need to follow to help you do just that.

Look at the Prices Quoted

Not all companies will put quotes up on their websites, but some will give you a rough idea. There are reasons for and against sharing prices, but if they do quote then you need to make a note of the costs. Look at how the prices are quoted, too. Some will quote by the room, while others quote based on the size and condition of your carpet. Others can even quote something different based on the colour of your carpet!

If the prices aren’t quoted, you may find an option to fill out a form to get your personal quote emailed to you or have them visit your home. This is a great option as you get to meet the person that will be coming to your home to do the work, also they will then know exactly what you require cleaning.

Check the Reviews

You will likely find on-site testimonials for a service offering carpet cleaning Bath, but they don’t necessarily give the full picture. The idea is to promote the positives that people have said, and it’s up to you to do extra research to find out that negative. You can do this by checking out third-party review websites.

Third-party sites allow people to publicly state their honest opinions. Yelp and Google reviews often show up first in online results, and will tell you at a glance whether a company has a good or bad reputation. Do beware of the third-party reviews. Unfortunately, companies do pay for review—both good and bad.

Find Out the Experience

Having experience is carpet cleaning is essential. Using the wrong products on the material could damage it beyond repair, and that leads to higher costs for you. When you’re looking into prices, you also want to check the experience the cleaners have. Do they have experience in handing your exact colours? What type of products do they commonly use and are they aware of how to use them properly?

This is something you can find out through reviews, but you can also do it by phoning the companies directly. It’s not just about how long the business has been running, but about how long the individual employees have been there—if it is a larger business. You also want to know the type of training offered to all employees.

If you have pets, it’s worth finding out about this specific experience. It can be difficult to get the smell of pets and hair fibres out of the carpet.

What Type of Products Are Used?

This has already been mentioned in passing, but you want to check with each company offer carpet cleaning Bath specifically. Some products include chemicals that affect allergies or are dangerous for pets. There are some companies now making their own homemade products, which can help to reduce some risks; but they may not be as good at cleaning.

The more you ask about these products, the more you will be ready for any possible side-effects afterwards. The most important part of this is to make sure your family is safe.

Do your research, and take time to do it properly. Don’t just find the first service for carpet cleaning Bath. It may not work out the most suitable for your family. It’s more than just cost. You could find that paying a little more for more specialised experience is worth it for your home and family.