Carpet Cleaning in Bristol for the Cleanest Rugs Around

A carpet underfoot in winter is a luxury that many British households would not swap even if they had the chance to lay down a high quality hardwood floor. Carpets help to insulate a home, keep the heat in during the winter months, and they provide a soft feel on bare feet that you simply cannot mimic with hard flooring even if you have under floor heating. Your rugs however are a magnet for dirt and grime, and for the cleanest floors around you should rely on your carpet cleaning in Bristol experts.

If you have carpets in your house, you will own a vacuum cleaner; a hoover is a staple in homes in the UK. There are various models available on the market, and thankfully things have progressed over time from the manual cleaners that you simply used to push over your rugs to try and attract crumbs and dust. Modern vacuum cleaners can be used wet or dry, and they are often marketed to persuade the consumer that all they need to keep their carpets clean is to vacuum them once or twice a week.

carpet cleaning in Bristol

This marketing ploy however is far from the truth, and over time your carpets will become filthy no matter how often you pass your high powered vacuum cleaner over them. Dust mites will settle in the carpet fibres, being compressed down to the carpet backing every single time someone walks across the room. Asides dust mites, crumbs and spills will harbour germs and bacteria that will multiply, and can eventually become a hazard for you and your family.

To ensure that your carpets are clean and that they do not present a health risk for your family, you should employ your carpet cleaning in Bristol experts on a periodic basis. The frequency with which you should deep cleanse your carpets depends on many factors; homes with pets and young children will require more frequent carpet cleaning than those with only one adult resident.

Your carpet cleaning in Bristol experts have the technology to really clean your rugs right down the carpet backing, using wet and dry cleaning methods to ensure that all bacteria is killed, and all dirt and grime is lifted from your carpets. An industrial carpet cleaning machine used by your carpet cleaning in Bristol experts will be far more powerful than any machine you could even hope to hire, allowing for a deep cleanse that is effective and risk-free for even the most delicate of carpet fibres.

Your carpets and rugs are a breeding ground for microscopic bacteria, dust mites, and even mould, and you should always ensure that you call in carpet cleaning specialists for a thorough deep cleanse at least once every six months. When you think of just how much dirt, dust, and grime is trodden into your carpets on a daily basis it is easy to see just why a standard vacuum cleaner will never really get your rugs clean. Rely on the experts in Bristol to ensure that your rugs don’t just keep your feet warm in winter, but that they provide a germ-free floor covering for your home and family.