Carpet Cleaning Company Services Available for your Residence

Carpet cleaning company services available from your local Bristol Company can extend far beyond the cleaning of the rugs in your lounge. In fact, you can use your local cleaning company to clean many more areas of your home, all to the same level of perfection as you your carpets. Below are some of the options open to you when you employ your Bristol team of carpet cleaning experts found at to your home.

Wet Carpet Cleaning

For standard carpets that are washable and are made from a durable material that will not harm when it gets wet, choose a standard wet clean from your carpet cleaning company. Using environmentally friendly detergents your rugs will be freed from bacteria and grime that are a danger to your home. With a high pressure washing system used for cleaning your rugs, months or even years of dirt and grime can be lifted from right down at the carpet backing. Give your rugs a new lease of life with wet carpet cleaning from your Bristol experts.

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Chem Dry Carpet cleaning

There are certain types of carpet fibres that are just not designed to get wet, and washing them using standard wet cleaning methods can damage them beyond repair. It may be that you didn’t read the washing instructions when you purchased your rugs or it may be that you have purchased a property where the carpets have been left for you; whatever the reason for the existence of your delicate rugs there is no need to panic.  Chem dry carpet cleaning available from your carpet cleaning company can lift away up to 90% of the dirt and allergens present in your carpet fibres by using only 20% of the water of a standard wet vac, leaving your delicate rugs dry to the touch through the use of steam cleaning.

Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery cleaning is offered by most carpet cleaning companies, and it often makes sense to get your three piece suite cleaned at the same time as your rugs. Here you can choose from wet cleaning and chem dry cleaning, your choice depending on the makeup of your furniture as well as how well your sofa and chairs will be able to dry out. Many people make the mistake of putting their cushions back in place on their sofa before it is dry, creating an excellent breeding ground for bacteria. This somewhat defeats the object of having your upholstery cleaned in the first place.

A dry clean for your upholstery is beneficial for delicate fibres as well as for sofa where your room has little ventilation or where you are not in possession of a dehumidifying device. Your sofas and chairs can be cleaned with both wet and dry cleaning methods, leaving them equally clean as your carpets and rugs.

Hard Floor Cleaning

Many rooms in the modern day home no longer have carpet under foot, many people preferring a wooden floor, a tiled floor, or even a luxurious marble or slate floor. Hardwood floors are very commonplace in the lounge of UK homes, and various types of tiled floors are more common in the kitchen than kitchen carpets. Hard floors will not give you the same heat under foot in winter, but they are easy to clean and maintain. A quick brush and mop can keep them looking clean and free from dirt; over time however dirt and grime can build up, and stains such as oil as well as scratches can dampen the overall appearance of your rooms. The good news is that your local carpet cleaning company has the available technology to not just clean rugs, but floors made of every conceivable material.

Your local Bristol cleaning team understand the importance of having clean floors in the home and can get to work cleaning marble, slate, and tiled floors, lifting grime, getting rid of surface scratches, and returning their individual shine. A periodic cleanse of hard floors is essential for the overall long term appearance of your floors, and this cleaning should be handled by the experts. Never use a vacuum that could scratch your floors, and never use a strong chemical detergent in the hope that you can remove ugly stains from your floors.

Your floor cleaning experts in Bristol know just how to tackle every type of floor, providing excellent results on floors as well as worktops, and even your patio or driveway. Contact your local carpet cleaning experts to book an appointment for wet or dry cleaning of your carpets and upholstery, and to restore the originally quality and shine on the very best looking hardwood and stone floors.