Carpet Cleaning Bristol

The Worlds Most Powerful Carpet Cleaning System

This is the Truckmounted Cleaning Unit we use for carpet cleaning Bristol. The unit is the latest in cleaning technology, the machine is mounted in the van so there is no machinery entering your house. It carries its own water supply and it uses its own power.

Rug Cleaning

There is no other carpet cleaning Bristol system that can beat this…. Why?

Deeper, more thorough cleaning. Truckmounted systems are renowned for their power and speed of operation, they produce more heat (upto 190 degrees!) more vacuum and higher water pressure, this is because the unit is powered by a 21hp petrol engine. Compare that to an electric portable ‘professional’ machine which only produces 2hp and you start to see that there is no comparison in performance. This is by far the best carpet cleaning. Our machine gets carpet and upholstery much cleaner and drier than any small portable cleaner can ever hope to achieve. The results are spectacular and are achieved quickly with the minimum of disruption to our clients.

Just see the superior power in the clip below.

Quicker drying times

Due to the huge vacuum volume truckmount cleaning dries at least 50% quicker than professional portable machines.

Higher Heat

It is a scientific fact that cleaning with higher heat cleans better, portable cleaners only produce around 60 degrees, our machine heats the water we use upto 190 degrees! The solutions that are used improve performance by 10% with every temperature rise of 10 degrees


The truckmounted hot water extraction machine agitates better because the water pressure goes up higher than any other cleaning system available in the world. Most others only go to 75psi where as ours goes upto 1000psi!

Better for your carpets

Also with all the extra power of a truckmount means we can use safer more mild carpet cleaning detergents so we don’t have to ‘load’ your carpet with harsh chemicals, better for your carpet and the environment.

But if Truckmounts are so good why aren’t all carpet cleaning companies using them? They are around 10 times more expensive to purchase than electric portable machines. Fortunately it will not cost you 10 times the price for cleaning.

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Eco Friendly Carpet Cleaning BristolWe are now pleased to be providing eco friendly carpet cleaning

Safe for you and the environment

In our environmentally-friendly age people are becoming more aware of our impact on the environment and also the use of harsh chemicals that are not only damaging to the environment but also to our health.

  • 1 in 5 adults, children and pets are more sensitive to chemicals than the general population.
  • Every second home contains at least one sensitive individual.
  • Cleaning products can effect your health and well being.
  • Carpet cleaning chemicals and their residues can pose potential health risks to adults, children, pets and the professional cleaner!

Advances in our carpet cleaning services and the industry as a whole means that we now offer non-toxic eco friendly carpet cleaning.

We strive to utilise new eco-friendly range of cleaning solutions that do not contain: artificial colours, dyes, pesticides, preservatives, petrochemicals, phosphates and synthetic fragrances. They contain only ingredients considered completely safe for the environment and user with no loss in performance.

They are fully biodegradable and can be made, used, and recycled continuously without negative effects for hundreds of years. The range feature environmentally and user-friendly phosphate free formulations.

We believe these new products offers a solution for the growing number of environmentally considerate people that appreciate and understand the need to use non-toxic, safe and eco friendly solutions in their home and office.