cleaning shower doors

Tips On Cleaning Shower Doors

There are few things more relaxing than stepping into your shower and allowing the stream of hot water to wash away the stresses of everyday life. That said, it’s a little bit more difficult to find that tranquility when soap scum and other types of grime have given your shower doors a frosted look that […]

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slate floor cleaning Bristol

Tips for Slate Floor Cleaning Bristol

When it comes to slate floor cleaning Bristol there are certain things that must be kept in mind. Maintaining this type of floor is different than maintaining other types. To see just what is involved in professional slate floor cleaning visit; for day to day maintenance from home read the tips below. Use Mops A […]

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Carpet Cleaning Prices

 Carpet Cleaning Prices Carpet cleaning prices can vary a lot, this can be confusing for when you are looking at who to chose to clean your carpet, so why do prices vary so much? Well simply not all carpet cleaners are the same and operate their own model, and that can effect the price, for […]

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